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Patient information
We are always excited to meet new patients during their first visit to our office. Our first appointment is all about getting to know you, understanding your smile and talking through potential treatment options. We’ll give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision on your smile!
Your first visit:
  1. Meet our Team and Examination
    It is our pleasure to improve your smile and have you join the Orange County Orthodontics family!  During your 1st appointment, we will thoroughly exam your face, jaw, smile and the harmony between them.  Afterward the exam, we will have a discussion of potential treatment options for you or your family member.  The first appointment normally takes about 30-minutes and will give us keen insight into your orthodontic needs.
  2. Records
    We will take a series of photographs and x-rays so Dr Patel can accurately diagnosis and assess the health of your teeth and mouth.
    After carefully reviewing your records, we will talk through custom treatment options with you.  Dr. Patel will take as much time as needed to listen to all of your questions and thoroughly discuss them. Together, we will decide which treatment method and plan would be the best plan for you.
Insurance information:
At Orange County Orthodontics, we have a number of flexible payment plans. We offer convenient no-interest financing plans with a low down payment and affordable monthly payments. We’ll work with you to keep you within your budget. Orange County Orthodontics also provides credit card and bank draft options.

We will send a link with our health history forms directly to your email for more information to reduce paper waste.