Your beautiful smile is that one curve that should set all the wrongs in the world right for you. It is not only something that makes you desirable to others, but it is also the most generous source of your self-confidence.

But, all been said, if you feel disappointed with the way your pearls look, then it can drastically affect your personality. And this is when you should consider visiting an orthodontist.

An ‘orthodontist’ is not your general dentist but someone who is more than likely to be recommended by him to you, nonetheless. An orthodontist is a specialist who deals with the positioning of the set of teeth on the jaw structure.

This practice is known as ‘orthodontia’ or ‘orthodontics’ and ‘dentofacial orthopedics.’

Why Visit an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist treats and corrects any form of a ‘malocclusion,’ which means a ‘bad bite.’ A ‘malocclusion’ can be a result of the various forms of orthodontic issues. Consider making a trip to the orthodontist if you have such problems as:

  • Overbites or Underbites
  • Open or Crossbites
  • Misalignment of Teeth
  • An Overcrowded Mouth from Having too Many Teeth
  • Diastema or a Gap in the Dental Structure

Such issues not only damage self-confidence, but these also compromise a healthy and hygienic living. Since digestion begins with the process of chewing food, these dental issues are detrimental to oral health that eventually leads to serious health complications.

Problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, cause damage to the tooth enamel. And premature tooth loss are the direct results of a misaligned dental structure that is difficult to take care off.

Generally, children are the primary visitors to an orthodontist’s clinic. This is because the developing gums easily adapt to the treatment procedures. But, it is a common misconception that elders cannot avail these same treatments. The good news is, orthodontic treatments can suit almost all age groups and can efficiently help bring a positive change to people who are in need of this.


How to Find the Right Orthodontist?

An orthodontist will probably be recommended to you by your dentist. But, you have to make sure that the one that you will be going to has got all the required standard skills and is licensed to practice his profession legally. You should make sure of the following to go ahead in your treatments with your orthodontist:

Orthodontists are dental specialists who deal with solving the problems of jaw irregularities. They are given an additional 2-3 years of specialized education in this field beside the usual dental-school course to learn the proper way of aligning and straightening teeth. Only those who have completed this entire course are legally allowed to practice and are registered under the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Consider confirming the years of experience that your orthodontist has had before making a decision.

Consider the kind of distance you will have to cover to see the specialist.

The way your orthodontist manages his office speaks a lot about how he leads his profession. Make sure that all policies of financial transactions and discounts are well-listed and freely discussed. There should be no hidden clauses and additional charges for vital requirements. Do not hesitate to clarify any doubt or query regarding your treatment, it’s duration and the total cost it would incur.

Since children are the primary visitors to an orthodontist’s, observe how he deals with the kids and what provisions does the office have for them.

Enquire about your orthodontist’s plan of action regarding your treatment. Remember that you always have a say in your own treatment policies and make sure you avail the best one in the best budget.

Know if the treatments offered to you are varied and advanced. Newer and advanced technologies ensure greater efficiency with a significantly lesser amount of discomfort.

Consider having a consensus about the specialist you’re going to see. There should be no hidden motive or risk factors surrounding the person you will trust yourself with.

Your teeth are just as important as every other aspect that makes you the beautiful person that you are. Your smile is not just a feeling and a pleasant visual. It is the power that you have over adverse situations. So, why compromise it for anything else?


What Does an Orthodontist Do to Your Teeth?

An orthodontist will fix the misalignment of your teeth, setting the entire structure straight with the help of braces, aligners, and retainers.

Braces are the most common devices to align one’s dental structure. These are basically strong bands that are put around the teeth. Thereafter, the orthodontist will bind brackets or trays on the front of the teeth, connecting them by wires. The wires hold these brackets in place, and the entire structure pulls the teeth into an upright alignment, straightening them out over time.

Retainers are devices that are used to hold the teeth alignment after the braces are finally taken off. Retainers prevent the newly aligned teeth from losing their structure again.

Aligners are generally clear plastic devices that help to correct the teeth alignment. Patients usually want to go for these instead of the traditional braces since they are less noticeable to the eyes. But, your orthodontist may advise a more conventional method of rectification that depends on the prognosis.

The average treatment duration usually consists of 2-3 years with check-ups generally advised every 10-6 weeks. But, this duration will depend on the kind of issue at hand and the proper measures taken during this period.

This is not an entirely painful process, contrary to the common misconception. The pain is actually the pressure sensed on the teeth and surrounding gums when the device is fixed on to the teeth. It usually subsides within the first couple of weeks with proper measures suggested by the specialist.

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So, When in Doubt, Just Smile!