Have you ever thought about what exactly makes you attractive? Well, obviously you have. We all want to know the secret to having that power that makes us irresistible to others.

It is indeed very simple. Your smile holds all the power in the world to attract anyone you like. And it is also the most essential accessory that you could ever have on you.

And right now, reading this, if you think that your smile could have been perfect, then this one’s for you.

We understand that there’s no harm done in trying to achieve perfection and satisfaction in everything. Your smile too doesn’t have to be an exception to this rule.

So, we have brought you this guide to help you get the best orthodontist who could change the way you feel about yourself.

And if you’re looking for one in Orange County right now, then worry no further. Sit back and read through and learn how to find the best orthodontist Orange County could provide.

Who is an Orthodontist?

A dental expert who specializes in the treatment of your dental structure and fixes the setting of your teeth is known as an orthodontist. This practice is known as ‘orthodontics,’ ‘orthodontia’ or ‘dentofacial orthopedics.’

Why See an Orthodontist?

If you feel dissatisfied with the way your teeth looks or if you feel that it is hampering your self-esteem and confidence, then it’s time to see an orthodontist.

Since you wouldn’t initially know how to go about this problem, your regular dentist will probably be the first one to suggest an orthodontist for you.

An orthodontist deals with treating any form of dentofacial anomaly, especially that of a malocclusion or a ‘bad bite.’

A malocclusion is a misalignment of the two dental arches of our dental structure which should come together in proper alignment as the jaws shut.


This Can Happen Due to Several Reasons. An Orthodontic Screening Becomes Necessary for Dental Problems Such as:

  • Open or crossbites
  • Over or underbites
  • Disproportionate jaws and teeth
  • Any clicking or popping sound during jaw movement
  • Crowded dental structure
  • Blocked out teeth
  • Diastema or a ‘gap’ between teeth
  • Biting the cheeks frequently while chewing
  • Misaligned dental arches

Since digestion starts from the process of chewing food itself, such conditions can be severely detrimental to oral hygiene and overall health. This is because it becomes increasingly difficult to take oral and dental care in these situations. This, in turn, could lead to problems such as tooth decay, gum infections, and premature tooth loss.

Is There an Age Limit to See an Orthodontist?

The most frequent patients to an orthodontist’s are children around the age of 7. This is so because children usually start developing bite problems by this age. There might be problems of teeth crowding inside the mouth.

Also, the gum and dental structure are most adaptive to orthodontic treatments around this age. This is why parents are often advised to take their children for an orthodontic screening by the age of 7.

But, do not be disheartened by this because contrary to a common misconception. Orthodontic treatments can be easily availed at any age and are now made considerably more simple due to newer and advanced technology. So, fortunately, there is still hope for anyone who wants to undergo this procedure.

What do Orthodontists do?

Orthodontists repair the structure of the teeth and straighten any malalignment therein. They do so by using braces, retainers, and aligners.

Braces are the most commonly used devices to fix misaligned teeth. The orthodontist will first put the metallic or ceramic square ‘bracket’ or ‘trays’ on the teeth with bonding glue. Then he will connect them with arch wires. This combination of the brackets and the wires pull up the teeth arch in an upright position, straightening them out over a considerable period of time.

Retainers are used to contain the shape of the newly formed dental structure once the braces come off. This is put on as a post rectification device in most cases to ensure the teeth setting doesn’t go back to its former pattern.

Aligners are another device used in orthodontic treatments. Patients quite prefer these as they are pretty inconspicuous to the eyes as compared to braces or retainers.

However, the treatments and methods vary from person to person and greatly depends on the prognosis.

The entire treatment can take about 2-3 years, during which you may receive guidelines regarding dental care from your orthodontist, to follow up. You may be asked to come in every 6-10 weeks for check-ups following the procedure.

Advice for Finding the Best Orthodontist in Orange County

Fact is, you can pay a visit to any orthodontist you want in Orange County, but you have to know and remember certain necessary rules to discover the best one.

One of the vital things that you should follow at all cost is to check the credentials of the orthodontist you decide to consult with.

  1.  Always make sure that he is board-certified and registered under the state of New York.
  2. Orthodontists have to mandatory complete an extended specialized training course apart from the regular dental-school course in the field of accidental orthopedics for an extra couple of years to be registered under the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO). It is only then that they are acknowledged as orthodontists and are given the legal license to practice. Never forget to verify their orthodontic permit before you move ahead with consultation.
  3. Consider seeking recommendations from people who have gotten orthodontic treatments before, to have a consensus about any particular doctor that you plan to visit.
  4. Always observe how an orthodontist manages his office because that speaks volumes about his work-ethics. Notice how the staff and other volunteers behave with the patients.
  5. Make sure that you clarify every doubt or query that you have while drawing up any financial agreement about your treatment. Thoroughly discuss policies and discounts on the services. There should not be any hidden clause anywhere in whatever agreement you draw with your orthodontist. You deserve a fair deal for your money.
  6. Enquire about newer and advanced technologies and discuss your orthodontist’s plan of action for your treatment. Remember that you have a say in everything related to your treatment. Also, advanced procedures can provide you with better results in shorter periods of time.
  7. Since children are the primary visitors to an orthodontist’s clinic, observe what facilities does your orthodontist offer for kids. Also note his behavior towards children.
  8. Since you’d be expected to come in frequently for your check-ups to the clinic, consider the kind of distance you will have to cover to reach the destination.
  9. It is advisable to go to an orthodontist who keeps a clean and hygienic dental clinic instead of visiting one that is messy and dirty.
  10. You can also shortlist some of the reputed orthodontists in your locality and make a few short trips to their offices for a quick inspection before you decide on one.

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